Violet city is a city connecting Route 31 and Route 32. Several events happen before you are allowed to proceed to Route 32.

Bellsprout Tower


When you enter the city, the citizens urge you to help out in bellsprout tower. You need to defeat the shadow bellsprout that has mysteriously appeared.

There are twelve spots available. In the middle, there is huge bellsprout. The huge bellsprout would occasionally hurls bind towards the eight spots around it. Once bound, the pokemons cannot be moved. Small bellsprouts enter the battlefield from left-top and bottom-right. These would cast razor leaf to any occupied spot.

Battles against shadow bellsprout are repeatable afterwards.

Battle with Lugia


After you leave the tower, you will see a crowd and Giovanni. He releases Shadow Mewthree and brings all people into shadow realm. In this realm, you must defeat Shadow Lugia.

There are eight spots around Lugia, and you can heal your Pokemon with the three spots in the right.

Lugia would cast a gust of wind into one of occupied spots. Occasionally, he would release a strong gust of whirlwind, hitting continuously for damage if not removed. Also, healing in the left without pokemons near Lugia would trigger the whirlwind towards the healing pokemon.

This battle is repeatable when you speak with Elder Li again.


Lugia is Psychic-Flying dual-type pokemon. Rock-, Ghost-type moves are effective against it. Geodude family, Onix and Gastly family can deal effective moves. Other pokemons can also be used to deal status problems or debuff.


You will also be able to fight Falkner infront of the Violet City Gym, but this time, Pidgeot and Pidgeotto will appear at the same time, as well as having their levels increased.

Most details are similar to the previous fight. On the left is Pidgeot which blows slow whirlwinds at regular intevals. On the right is Pidgeotto which blows fast whirlwinds towards a pokemon that is close to it.

This battle is repeatable when you speak with Falkner again.

Pokemon Lvl HP Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Right man Fearow 20 290 Agility Fury Attack --- ---
Left man Pidgey 20 190 FeatherDance Gust --- ---
Left man Pidgeotto 20 282 Agility Gust --- ---
Falkner Pidgeot 26 450 Agility Sand Attack --- ---
Falkner Pidgeot 26 450 Agility Wing Attack --- ---


There's an NPC on the Norhtwestern corner of the map, requesting you to trade your Bellsprout for an Onix.

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