Welcome to the Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Wiki

This is a wiki on Pokemon Tower Defense 2. It is released, but still in development.

The idea was from an arcade game that became popular over weeks.

Pokemon Tower Defense 1

This wiki's topic is Pokemon Tower Defense 2. This game has officially been announced by Sam at samdangames.blogspot.. If you are looking for PTD1, Go to This Wiki.

Important Notes

Because PTD2 is relatively new and early in development, this wiki is as well. Please feel free to add pages as you think are needed, or to mark pages for deletion which you think are unnecesary. There are plenty of pages that need to be created and edited, especially right now.

If you see a link in red text, it means somebody has linked to a page that does not exist yet in this wiki, in which case you should feel free to create a page if you are up to the challenge.

First, Second, Third etc. Comments will be deleted.

Sam's Progress


Alpha v1.32 Progress ListNote: The list below is for v1.32 when it is released.

  • New Pokemon (0%)
  • Creature game v.0.01a Level 1 (0%)

Currently working part of alpha v1.32

  • Updated pokemon adoption center with new shinies
  • Added new pokemon to the research mode list
  • Added Gen 1 pokedex tracking
  • Added new pokemon Dunsparce and Mareep
  • Wild Dunsparce appear during wild Zubat and Geodude waves
  • Added route 32 part 1(South of Violet city)
  • Updated waves for Hoothoot, Hoppip, Pidgey, Rattata. Waves are now higher level

New Abilities

New Attacks


  • Hyper cutter name and description is missing when you are trying to select your ability
  • Hyper cutter ability preventing Attack increases
  • Fix(ed)? some issues with Night Shade that are causing the game to stop working
  • Beating Lugia will show the wrong dialog in certain cases
  • Fixed Flygon's Shiny Sprite


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