Trainer Adoption

A relatively new feautre that allows you to scroll through other players pokemon that they have put up for adoption. You can adopt these for the price of SnD Coins selected by the owner. You may also place your own Pokemon up for adoption.

It is recommended only to put up shiny and shadow rare pokemon to save other users from scrolling through endless pages of useless pokemon. It is generally accepted that Hacked Version Pokemon will cost cheaper and all pokemon up for Trainer Adoption will be cheaper than proper adoption. However, they may already have a moveset and/or are previously levelled.

This feature is a great way to get starter and legendary shiny Pokemon at a cheaper price.


This is listed as one of the most unreliable operations of the Pokemon Center.

Page sometimes may not load properly due to overload of the servers, if this occurs refresh the page. If the page times-out then log on at another time or refresh the page; you may also need to clear your cache and/or cookies

If you find any other glitches to do with this page then contact Sam:

Either via e-mail:

OR via twitter (recommended): @sam_snd_games

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