# 158 Totodile
158 large
158 normal side 158 normal 158 normal back
Water-Type icon
lvl 110 move: Hydro Cannon
Base Stats
HP 50
Attack 65
Defense 64
Sp. Atk 44
Sp. Def 48
Speed 43
Sheer Force
157 normal 159 normal
Typhlosion Croconaw

Totodile banner


Despite the smallness of its body, Totodile’s well-developed jaws are very powerful and capable of crushing anything, and it is a rough and tough Pokémon. While the Pokémon may think it is just playfully nipping, its bite has enough power to cause serious injury. It won’t hesitate to take a bite out of anything that moves.


Starter's Choice


Random chance in every encounter in every invasion


Totodile Croconaw Feraligatr
158 normal lvl 18
159 normal lvl 30
160 normal


  • Torrent: Powers up Water-type moves under 1/3 of maximum HP.
  • Sheer Force: Removes added effects to increase move damage.

Move Set

Level up (edit)
Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target
0 Scratch Normal-Type Physical move 40 100% Single
0 Leer Normal-Type Status move - 2.4 100% 100% Single
Lowers target's Defence by 1.
6 Water Gun Water-Type Special move 40 1.2 100% Single
(No additional effects.)
8 Rage Normal-Type Physical move 20 100% Single
13 Bite Dark-Type Physical move 60 1.2 100% 30% Single
May cause target flinch.
15 Scary Face Normal-Type Status move - 100% Single
20 Ice Fang Ice-Type Physical move 65 1.2 95% 10% Single
May freeze and/or flinch the target.
22 Flail Normal-Type Physical move N/A 1.2 100% Single
Power increases (20-200) with fewer user's remaining HP.
27 Crunch Dark-Type Physical move 80 1.2 100% Single
May lower target's Defense by 1.
29 Chip Away Normal-Type Physical move 70 1.2 - 100% - Single
Damage does not depend on Defense/ Sp. Defense stat and buffs.
34 Slash Normal-Type Physical move 70 100% Single
36 Screech Normal-Type Status move - 85% Single
41 Thrash Normal-Type Physical move 120 100% Single
43 Aqua Tail Water-Type Physical move 90 1.2 90% Single
(No additional effects.)
48 Superpower Fighting-Type Physical move 120 1.2 100% 100% Single
Lowers user's Attack and Defense by 1.
50 Hydro Pump Water-Type Special move 120 1.8 80% Beam
(No additional effects.)


TM / HM moves (edit)
Swords Dance
Ice Beam
Double Team
Iron Tail
Hidden Power
Ice Punch
Shadow Claw
Focus Punch
Icy Wind
Hone Claws
Rain Dance

Damage Taken

Main article: List of Pokemon Weaknesses
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