Status problems refer to the ailments that harm a pokemon in terms of HP, or performance.



Burn is dealt every game tick (1.2 seconds) for 25% of burn-dealer's max effective HP, and is cured after 6 game ticks.


All pokemons including the electric-typed, except those with Limber ability (Ditto, Hitmonchan, Persian), can be paralysed. Ground-typed pokemons can be paralyzed by non-electric moves (Stun Spore, Glare, Tri Attack) or Spore ability (Parasect, Vileplume, Foongus).

Paralysis will not fade over time. Paralyzed pokemons have slowed movement (/3.5) and move cooldown (*0.5).


All pokemons except steel-typed, poison-typed or with Immunity ability (Snorlax, Zangoose) can be poisoned.

Poison is dealt every game tick (1.2 seconds) for 25% of poison-dealer's max effective HP, and is cured after 6 game ticks.


All pokemons except with Insomnia ability (Ariados, Hypno, Noctowl, Honchkrow) can be hypnotized.

Slept pokemons wake after 16 game ticks, during which no moves can be used (except Snore). Pokemons with Early Bird ability (Doduo, Kangshkan, Ledian, Ariados, Houndoom) have duration halved.


All pokemons can be frozen.

Frozen pokemons are defrozen after 6 cooldowns.





Using moves

Aromatherapy, Healing wish, Heal Bell can be used to cure all status problems (except Confusion, Infatuation, Flinch).

Psycho Shift can transfer user's status problem to target.

Safeguard can prevent getting future status problems.

Using abilities

Synchronise can transfer user's Poison, Paralysis, Burn to target.

Shed Skin can cure status problems by chance.

Using items

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