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Ruins of Alph

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Ruins of Alph
Ruins of Alph Route 32 (North)

Johto Map
Ruins of Alph


Ruins of Alph is a mysterious place where unowns live.



First battle (repeatable)

You need to defend fossils at the end of passageway. Attacks from unown are varied in types and damage. Thus, it is important to arrange the pokemon in order to minimise the damage taken. (Most damage is dealt on the leftmost pokemons)

There are eight spots available, and unowns come from the left. When they pick up fossils on the right, they need to go back.

Second battle (non-repeatable)

A shadow Entei appears on the boulder with other shadow unowns. You must now defend the fossils again at the same time defeating Entei.

There are spots surrounding Entei in upper part of Ruins. There are two layers of spots available in the lower part of the Ruins.

Occasionally, Entei would fire a fire-based blast to the allies in the lower part.


Pokemon with high defence and 1/4 multiplier advantage against fire (Geodude or its family, Wooper or its family, Onix but not Steelix) can be used at spots closer to Entei in the lower part to protect the main pokemons fighting the unowns. These pokemons can also be used against Entei since they are effective.

Since the attack of unown are variable in types and damage, pokemons with fewer vulnerable types should be used.

  • Arbok have decent defense and its move Crunch is effective against Psychic-type unown
  • Rattata can learn Crunch while it is Normal-type: only weakness is fighting; and ghost-type cannot hit.
  • Jumpluff and its family also have high defense and can cause status problems with powders.
  • Gastly and its family can induce sleep and allow more time for attack. Moreover, ghost-type moves are effective on Psychic-type unown.

Reflect and Synthesis from Bayleef, Smokescreen from Cyndaquil, Bite from Totodile are also useful.

Pokemon Found in here


Shadow Entei

Shadown Unown

second area

To access the second area you need the attack surf When you get surf and go to the other area you can find a natu and smeargle

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