It is a small route south of Violet City. It contains the entrance to the Ruins of Alph on the west side and Azalea town to the south.

Available Pokemon

- Pidgey

- Rattata (Gold)

- Ekans (Silver)

- Zubat

- Bellsprout

- Gastly

- Hoothoot

- Wooper

- Mareep

Note that Mareep and Wooper can only be encountered in special battles where the player defends three rare candy. The evolved forms of these pokemon also appear, but are not catchable. The Wooper battle has 15 waves and the Mareep battle has 20 waves. At the end of the Wooper and Mareep battle, a text box opens and says "I did it. Hey, where did the candy go?". 


In order to enter the Ruins, you need to battle and defeat the guard who blocks the entrance.  The guard has a single lvl 20 crobat.  The guard is excellent for leveling up under-leveled pokes, but the soft cap is 20. The guard at the bottom can also be fought, but only after you've completed the Ruins of Alph. He has a level 14 Magikarp.

In the southern portion, you will see a fisherman. He can be battled as well. When you battle him, he will have either Magikarp, Qwilfish, or Tentacool. If you defeat him once, he will give you an old rod. If you defeat all three of his pokemon, he will give you a good rod.

If you continue south, you will be presented with a cutscene showing Ash and Gary at the Ruins of Alph, Mewthree betraying Giovanni and then making clones of himself, and Zai and Silver following you. After this, they both are captured by one of Mewthree's clones and you must battle it. If you win, Celebi arrives and transports you back in time to just before the clone attacks. If you lose, your character says that it was all merely a dream.