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The pokemon centre is a place where you can perform various actions.

Pokémon Adoption

Main article: Adoption

In  Pokémon Adoption you can purchase shiny Pokémon,shadow Pokémon, and the starters using SnD Coins.

Daily Activities

There are currently two possible activities:

  • Trade with 5 different players.
You get 10 Daily coins for 5. The name of players traded reset every day so you can trade with the same player every day.
  • Breed one pokemon.
You get 10 Daily Coins for each. See below about Breeding.

Breeding Center

Main article: Breeding

You can generate a new pokemon from your profile in which you select the two parents to get an egg. The egg would hatch after two visits, one in each day. Items can be used to influence the chance of getting a shiny or shadow baby. Every time you breed Pokémon, you will get 10 Daily Coins, and it takes 2 visits to breed a Pokémon, 1 each day.If you have trainer pass it will take 1 day visit to breed a egg.

Item Store

Main article: Item Store

You can buy items, mainly related to evolution or breeding. Evolutionary items are sent to the story mode, while the breeding items are sent to the breeding center.

Funding Rewards

For Funding One can claim Xearneas,Yveltal,Cosmoids and many more.Each funding has different reward.


Create Trade

Go here to select one of your Pokémon and put them up for trade.

Other players will be able to request trades for your Pokémon. You can also list some requests. At the moment, you can list three requests, and maximum of 10 pokemons in each request. In that case, trade would be completed if other players can meet any one of your request(s).

Once you put your Pokémon to trade, you will not be able to use him in your game unless you call him back.

Your Trade Request

Go here to see if anybody has requested a trade with you or if any of your request have been accepted. You can also call back your Pokémon if you don't wish to trade it anymore.

Search Trade

Go here to search for trades that other players have posted.


You can transfer pokemons from PTD1 to PTD2 from PTD1 profiles. However, transferred pokemons cannot return to PTD1 again.

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