The past is accessed by defeating a Mewthree clone at the end of Route 32 (Central). Celebi takes you back in order to prevent Giovanni. It should be noted that your supposed quest in the past is to win all 8 badges and save the world (presumably from Mewthree) and beat your father, although Sam hasn't build further than the present as of yet.

Several key differences are noted from the present.


There are a number of trainers in different areas. You can challenge them for money. Battle is triggered when you walk near the trainers. Repeated challenge is possible (except for the classroom trainers).

Trainer Location Pokemon Lvl Move(s) Exp
Lady Trainer icon Route 29 Skiploom 20 Leech Seed, Mega Drain 582
Scout Girl Trainer icon Route 49 Primeape 30 Focus Energy, Thrash 957
Boy Trainer icon Cherrygrove City Quagsire 20 Amnesia , Magnitude 293
Teen Trainer icon Route 30 (Left) Rattata 20 Hyper Fang 244
BugCatcher Trainer icon Route 30 (Left) Butterfree 20 Stun Spore, Psybeam 741
Teen Trainer icon Route 30 (Right) Pidgeotto 20 Sand Attack, Gust 484
BugCatcher Trainer icon Route 31 Beedrill 20 Focus Energy, Twineedle 741
Boy Trainer icon Violet City Classroom
Top left
Bayleef 20 Poison Powder, Razor Leaf 604
Girl Trainer icon Violet City Classroom
Top right
Quilava 20 Smokescreen, Flame Wheel 608
Boy Trainer icon Violet City Classroom
Bottom right
Croconaw * 20 Scary Face, Water Pulse 612
Monk Trainer icon Sprout Tower
First Monk
Bellsprout 20 Growth, Vine Whip 360
Monk Trainer icon Sprout Tower
Left Monk
Bellsprout 20 Poison Powder, Vine Whip 360
Monk Trainer icon Sprout Tower
Right Monk
Bellsprout 20 Stun Spore, Vine Whip 360
Elderli icon Sprout Tower
HIgh Monk
Bellsprout 20 Growth, Vine Whip 360
Bellsprout 20 Stun Spore, Vine Whip 360
Noctowl 20 Reflect, Confusion 694
Gym Trainer icon Violet Gym
First Trainer
Fearow 20 Agility, Fury Attack 694
Gym Trainer icon Violet Gym
Second Trainer
Pidgey 30 Featherdance, Gust 321
Pidgeotto 30 Agility, Gust 726
Falkner icon Falkner Pidgeot 36 Sand Attack 1326
Pidgeot 36 Agility, Wing Attack 1326
Scout Girl Trainer icon Route 32 (North) Nidoking 30 Focus Energy, Chip Away 1253
Teen Trainer icon Route 32 (Central) Golbat 30 Confuse Ray, Bite 1343
Researcher Trainer icon Ruins of Alph Ditto 30 Transform
(Copies only the first move)
Fisherman Trainer icon Route 32 (South) Goldeen 35 Agility, Flail 832
Seaking 35 Agility, Water Pulse 1275
Climber Trainer icon Union Cave B1 Golem 40 Sandstorm, Rock Blast 1517
Machamp 40 Focus Energy, DynamicPunch 1654
Climber Trainer icon Union Cave Steelix 40 Stealth Rock, Double-Edge 1680
Scout Girl Trainer icon Union Cave Torkoal 40 Smokescreen, Flamethrower 1380
Luvdisc 40 Rain Dance, Water Pulse 942
Climber Trainer icon Route 33 Geodude 30 Rock Polish, Rock Throw 469
Machop 30 Foresight, Karate Chop 482
Azalea Town Slowking 35 Disable, Zen Headbutt 1230
30px Azalea Gym Trainer Parasect 32 Stun Spore, Cross Poison 877
Girl Trainer iconGirl Trainer icon Azalea Gym Trainer
(2 vs 2)
Ledian 35 Supersonic, Mach Punch 1005
Ariados 35 Scary Face, Bug Bite 1005
Bugsy Spinark 25 Spider Web 2892
Metapod 40 Harden 6171
Ariados 42 Bug Bite 16080
Scyther 40 Sword Dance, Fury Cutter 22434
Farfetch'd Farfetch'd 35 Swords Dance, Sand-Attack, Peck, Slash 7050
Parasect 25 Growth, Leech Life 6857
Venonat 20 Double Team, Leech Life 3214
Psyduck 25 Rain Dance, Water Sport 4285
BugCatcher Trainer icon Ilex Forest Ledian 25 Reflect, Mach Punch 717
Parasect 25 Stun Spore, Slash 685
Lady Trainer icon Route 34 Granbull 30 Scary Face, Headbutt 1144
Whitney Miltank 40 Rollout, Defense Curl 1714
Clefairy 20 Defense Curl, Stored Power 291


Past pokecenters are accessible. Instead of healing, it provides a resting place to stay until a specific time in a day. See Day&Night Time cycle for more details.

Option Time
Morning 3 a.m.
Daytime 10 a.m.
Nightime 9 p.m.


Past pokemarts are accessible. You can buy some healing items and boosting items.

Category Icon Item Price Function Location
Healing Potion icon Potion 50 Heals 200 HP Common
Superpotion icon Super Potion 75 Heals 500 HP Azalea Town
Antidote icon Antidote 20 Removes poison status Common
Awakening icon Awakening 25 Removes sleep status Common
Paralyzheal icon Parlyz Heal 25 Removes paralysis status Common
Xattack icon X Attack 25 Boosts Attack by one stage Violet City
Xdefend icon X Defend 25 Boosts Defense by one stage Violet City
Xspeed icon X Speed 25 Boosts Speed by one stage Violet City

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