Double Gym Battle

Battlefield is four columns of 6 spots. There are 3 candies at the end. On the left is the Fighting Gym, on the right is Steel Gym. Below shows the waves:

Fighting Gym
Steel Gym
Wave Pokemon Pokemon Wave
1 Hitmonlee - 1
2 Primeape - 2
3 - Magneton 3
4 - Mawile 4
5 Hitmonchan Metagross 5
6 Hitmonchan starts punching by rows. 6
7 Hitmontop - 7
8 Conkeldurr - 8
9 - Steelix 9
10 - Lucario 10
11 Poliwrath Empoleon 11
12 Steelix starts falling rocks. 12
13 Hitmonlee - 13
14 Hitmontop - 14
15 - Magneton 15
16 - Klinklang 16
17 Primeape Metagross 17
18 Hitmonchan* - 18
19 - Steelix* 19
Pokemon Lvl HP Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Chuck Hitmonlee 50 1310 Wide Guard Endure --- ---
Chuck Primeape 50 1685 Screech Rest --- ---
Jasmine Magneton 50 1409 Protect Metal Sound --- ---
Jasmine Mawile 50 1310 Double Team Iron Defense --- ---
Chuck Hitmonchan 50 Counter Protect --- ---
Jasmine Metagross 50 Reflect Iron Defense --- ---
Chuck Hitmontop 50 Counter Agility --- ---
Chuck Conkeldurr 50 2685 Bide Scary Face --- ---
Jasmine Steelix 50 1902 Autotomize Harden --- ---
Jasmine Lucario 50 1824 Detect Calm Mind --- ---
Chuck Poliwrath 50 1869 Rain Dance Belly Drum --- ---
Jasmine Empoleon 50 Mist Metal Claw --- ---
Jasmine Klinklang 50 Shift Gear Screech --- ---
Olivine gym path

Chuck's Hitmonchan would start punching from wave 6, a punch icon is swept across each row of spots. Any pokemon in contact (except Ghost-typed) would be dealt damage for each game tick. At wave 18, it enters the battlefield with max Attack stat, using Punch that it rarely uses. Jasmine's Steelix would fall rocks on one spot starting from wave 12. A shadow can be seen before a rock lands. At wave 19, it enters battlefield using Rock Slide which it seldomly uses also.

Pokemons from fighting gym are commonly weak to Psychic and Flying types; Ground and Fire are common weaknesses for the steel gym. Since all pokemon move fast, it is nearly a must to turn them around (Whirlwind, Growl, Roar, Dragon Tail) or slow down (Leer, String Shot, Thunder Wave, Stun Spore). Brick Break can be used to lift the effect of Reflect. Feint may be useful to lift the effect of Protect and Detect. Haze and Mist can cancel the buffs in, and debuffs caused by enemy.

Because many of the pokemon are fast, it may help to use moves that increase speed, such as Flame Charge , Agility, or Tailwind.

Note some of the pokemons uses Counter. If physical moves are used on them, towers would suffer great damage. Hitmonlee has Limber ability that cannot be paralyzed.

Also note that you can pause the game to switch your pokemon around.  This can come in handy when you are moving from wave to wave.


  • A passer-by around Ho-oh says she "must take photos and post this on my pinsirgram", making reference to the popular social app.
  • There was originally only 1 candy in Olivine gym. Sam increased up to 3 in v1.64 to make it easier to beat.

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