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Every week or two, Sam would release a species of Regular,Shiny,or Shadow Pokemon available for collection. To collect, you should get a mystery code for that specific Pokemon. The code can be found from the clues given posted in Play Tower Defense Games website blog.

Once you have the code, play the game from Play Tower Defense Games website. Only from this source you can enter the mystery code. Playing any other source would only display the link to the website.

There is an equal chance to get male and female (unless genderless) Pokemon. And for limited redeems, a couple is awarded.

When the mystery hunt activity of certain Pokemon is over, you cannot get the Pokemon using the code.

Note the following Pokemon are gifted by making donations:

Present Codes

    Pokémon / Code                            Rarity / get
  • Fennekin : fennecfx
  • Froakie: frogfoam
  • Chespin: chinkapi
  • Clauncher: canoncla
  • Delibird: givegift
  • Amaura: bracimon
  • Tyrunt: dinosmon
  • Espurr: nyaspers
  • Honedge: swordedg

Past Codes

Unlimited Redeem

Limited Redeem

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