The battlefield is rather irregular for this Ice Gym. There are 3 coils for the enemy path and 4 candies at the exit.

Mahogany gym path
Wave 1: Swinub
Wave 2: Piloswine + Swinub
Wave 3: Piloswine + Swinub
Wave 4: Piloswine + Seel
Wave 5: Dewgong + Seel
Wave 6: Dewgong + Seel
Wave 7: Dewgong
Wave 8: Dewgong
Wave 9: Lapras + Walrein + Piloswine
Wave 10: Swinub
Wave 11: Dewgong + Seel
Wave 12: Piloswine + Swinub
Wave 13: Dewgong* + Seel
Wave 14: Piloswine + Dewgong*

Moveset of the enemies are:

Swinub: Endure, Tackle
Piloswine: Hail, Peck
Seel: Water Sport, Aqua Jet
Dewgong: Aqua Ring, Rest
Lapras: Safeguard, Hydro Pump
Walrein: Swagger, Ice Fang

* Dewgongs in Wave 13 and 14 would use Rest in front of the first spot.

Winning the challenge would grant you TMs Icy Wind and Hail.

All pokemons are commonly weak to Electric (except Piloswine and Swinub), Rock (except Piloswine and Swinub), Fighting and Steel. Piloswine familly are additionally weak to Fire, Water, Grass. There are some problems that may trouble some players, but would be easy once they are overcome:

  • Hail weather
    Piloswine summons Hail every time it appears. All non-ice type pokemons on battlefield would be harmed for 1/16 of maximum HP every 2.4 seconds.
    Remove all non-ice pokemons. Alternatively, use weather moves to override the weather condition (Sunny Day, Rain Dance) or use Pokemon that can eliminate weather effect (Cloud Nine from Golduck/Altaria, Air Lock from Rayquaza).
  • All pokemons have high HP and Defence, especially in Special Defence. Also, Seel and Dewgong move fast. To deal great damage,

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