Sam's Challenge

At the northwest corner across Lake of Rage, you will find Sam inside his vacation home. He will challenge you with 10 waves of Cosmoids for a Super Rod.

All Cosmoids are level 70 and appear randomly in the waves:

Icon Pokemon Moves
2500 normal Chameleaf Lick Tail Whip Leech Seed Absorb
2501 normal Thorneleon Vine Whip Razor Leaf Synthesis Mega Drain
2502 normal Truffeleon SolarBeam Giga Drain Energy Ball Power Whip
2503 normal Coalla Scratch Defense Curl Incinerate Bite
2504 normal Cindereus Ember Fire Spin Crunch Iron Defense
2505 normal Blitzupial Eruption Inferno Flamethrower Fire Punch
2506 normal Bubbull Bubble Growl Rage Rain Dance
2507 normal Buffaflow Water Gun Aqua Jet Soak Whirlpool
2508 normal Watador Hydro Pump Aqua Ring Giga Impact Muddy Water

Note the stats of Cosmoids below, they are distinct from the general type trend:

HP Att S. Att Def S. Def Speed
Truffeleon 70 140 140 60 60 100
Blitzupial 160 80 110 80 110 30
Watador 90 110 80 110 80 80

The following are some tips to survive and defeat the waves:

  • Use pokemons of very high level.
  • Use pokemons that have 1/2, 1/4 effectiveness against fire, water and grass moves. (See Type Chart for details.)
Enemy type x1/2 Defend type
Fire Fire, Water, Rock, Dragon
Water Water, Grass, Dragon
Grass Grass, Fire, Flying, Bug, Poison, Dragon, Steel 
  • Use Pokemon that are high in Defense and Sp. Defense.
  • Turn enemies around with roar or whirlwind.
  • Use buffs and debuffs to maximize damage output.

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