Goldenrod City is the third city connected to Route 34. The Normal-type gym lies here. The city is under the control of Team Rocket at the moment. Pokemon Center and PokeMart, as well as other facilities, are all closed.

Whitney fight

The battlefield is rectanglar, with spots surrounding the rectangle. Two spots are located at the outer side of each corner. Miltank is first released on the top left corner. Clefairys enter the battlefield at top left and bottom right corners, taking the rectangular path.

Goldenrod gym path
Pokemon Lvl HP Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Whitney Clefairy 20 870 Defense Curl Stored Power --- --
Whitney Miltank 40 11450 Rollout Defense Curl --- ---

Miltank uses a special Rollout attack: first takes Lock-on one of your pokemon, then traverses directly towards the target. Damage is caused on whatever pokemons near its traverse path, including the Clefairys. The clefairys uses Defense Curl to accumulate buffs, and attacks with Stored Power.

Fighting-type moves are effective against normal-typed Miltank and Clefairy. Note Stored Power is a Psychic-typed move that can easily take out Fighting-type pokemons. Both of the pokemons are of high-hitpoints. Use Super Fang of Raticate to deal high damage. Aura Sphere is also effective for being Fighting-typed and projectile. Haze can be used to clear off the Defense buffs for higher damage and lower damage from Clefairys.

Since Clefairys possess Magic Guard ability, non-attack moves like poison/burn-inducing moves, weather moves (Hail, Sandstorm), ground traps (Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock) cannot deal any damage to them. The lock-on of Miltank cannot be evaded by raising your Evasiveness or lowering its Accuracy.

Team Rocket fight

The battlefield is rectangular. Lvl 42 Houndoom centers in the field with a series of pokemons roaming around within the rectangle in order:

Note the Houndoom can only be harmed at the four spots near the NPCs (except for projectile and all-hit moves), but its Flamethrower can reach any spots. Koffings will Selfdestruct after roaming half of battlefield.

Golem and a Psychic (preferably not dual type with rock, ground and water since Vilplume Absorbs) Pokemon would be good to handle all the fights. Golem can withstand Leech Life, Flamethrower, Wrap, Pursuit as a Rock type. Its Earthquake, Rock Blast, Stealth Rock harms Golbat, Houndoom, Arbok, Murkrow well too. The Psychic pokemon handles Vileplume and other Toxic pokemons.

Shiny Stone

Shiny Stone can be picked up at the northwest corner. After pickup, it is available in the PokeCenter

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