As of May 28, 2013 there was a Celebi glitch that was only accessible for a short 10 minutes after the pokemon "Starly" was released as a Giveaway pokemon.  Noticing his mistake, Sam Otero posted this to his twitter account very shortly after he realized what he had done "My bad! Here is the correct code for Starly starlin".  It cannot breed because it is considered a Legendary pokemon and that only 50 of these Glitched Celebi's actually exist.  Sam never switched the visuals of Celebi out for the new Starly image. Therefore the Shiny Celebi appeared with the moves "Tackle" and "Growl" and also appeared with the name "Starly"(Follow link below to see Picture).  Only a small amount of these pokemon exist and is considered the rarest pokemon in the entire game.

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