Game corner is situated at Goldenrod City. Only one game, Voltorb flip, is available. You can trade your Game Corner coins for rewards.

Voltorb Flip

Voltorb flip

Voltorb Flip game interface

Voltorb flip2

A completed level

Voltorb Flip is a game modified from Minesweeper. Each game costs 1 pokecoin to play.

The game features a grid of 5*5 cards. On the back side of each card, there are four possible pictures: "x1", "x2", "x3", and Voltorb. The first three are multipliers that add your coins this round based on the number. When you flip a Voltorb, the round is over.

On the right of each column and bottom of each row are two numbers. The top one shows the sum of multipliers of that column/row. The bottom one shows the number of Voltorbs in the column/row. 

The number of each kind of cards is random. Once you have discovered all "x2" and "x3", you will promote to the next round and keep the coins gained in this round.

When you have flipped a Voltorb, you lose all coins in this round.


You can trade in coins for the rewards listed below.

Held items

Icon Item Function Coins
Silkscarf icon Silk Scarf 1,000
Widelens icon Wide Lens 1,000
Zoomlens icon Zoom Lens 1,000
Smokeball icon Smoke Ball 1,000
Charcoal icon Charcoal 1,000
Miracleseed icon Miracle Seed 1,000
Mysticwater icon Mystic Water 1,000
55px Yellow Flute 1,000
Metronome icon Metronome 1,000


TM Type Power Accuracy Description Coins
Blizzard Ice-Type 5,500
Thunder Electric-Type 5,500
Fire Blast Fire-Type 5,500
Substitute Normal-Type 2,000
Swords Dance Normal-Type 4,000
Rest Psychic-Type 6,000
Flamethrower Fire-Type 10,000
Ice Beam Ice-Type 10,000
Thunderbolt Electric-Type 10,000
Dragon Rage Dragon-Type 3,300
Hyper Beam Normal-Type 15,000
Double Team Normal-Type 1,500
Psychic Psychic-Type 3,500
Shadow Ball Ghost-Type 4,500
Iron Tail Steel-Type 3,500
Endure Normal-Type 2,000
Hidden Power Normal-Type 6,000
Gyro Ball Steel-Type 10,000
GIga Impact Normal-Type 15,000


Icon Pokemon Type1 Type2 Coins
Murkrow Dark-Type Flying-Type 10,000
Wobbuffet Psychic-Type - 10,000
Slugma Fire-Type Rock-Type 10,000
Houndour Dark-Type Fire-Type 10,000
Larvitar Rock-Type Ground-Type 15,000

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