# 132 Ditto
132 large
132 normal side 132 normal 132 normal back
Normal-Type icon
lvl 110 move: Giga Blast
Base Stats
HP 48
Attack 48
Defense 48
Sp. Atk 48
Sp. Def 48
Speed 48
131 normal 133 normal
Lapras Eevee

Ditto banner


Ditto is known as the transformation Pokémon, with his move transform he can change its skin and move set. This move is also able to be learned by Mew.

Ditto is also known because of his ability to be capable of breeding with all other Pokémon (exceptions for legends).

Ditto rearranges its cell structure to transform itself into other shapes. However, if it tries to transform itself into something by relying on its memory, this Pokémon manages to get details wrong. In addition, if made to laugh, it can't maintain its disguise. When it sleeps, it changes into a stone to avoid being attacked.


Route 35 in the day transformed into a Yanma

Route 34 in the day transformed into a Drowzee


Ditto is not evolved, and will not evolve.


  • Limber: Prevents from getting paralysis.
  • Imposter: Transforms upon entering battle.

Move Set

Level up (edit)
Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target
0 Transform Normal-Type Status move - 30 Always Single
Copies target's image and moves (not abilities and levels).
User's another moves cannot be used.
User shifts to whatever new target pops up.

TM / HM moves (edit)
This Pokemon cannot learn any TMs.

Damage Taken

Main article: List of Pokemon Weaknesses
Normal-Type2 Fire-Type2 Water-Type2 Electric-Type2 Grass-Type2 Psychic-Type2 Fighting-Type2 Poison-Type2 Ground-Type2 Flying-Type2 Dragon-Type2 Bug-Type2 Rock-Type2 Ghost-Type2 Ice-Type2 Steel-Type2 Dark-Type2 Fairy-Type2 Shadow-Type2
Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx2 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx0 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1

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