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You get Daily Coins from Pokémon Center by performing the following tasks:

  • Complete achievements listed by other sponsors
  • Trading with 5 other players
    • You can claim 10 coins for 5 trades per day.
    • Further 1 coin is given for each trade.
    • Multiple trades from the same player made on the same day do not count. BUT it counts if made on separate days.
  • Successfully breeding a Pokémon from parents
    • You get 10 coins (per two days without trainer pass, each day with trainer pass)


Daily coins have many uses:

  • Players can buy items (20 daily coins per) from the Item Store
  • Devolve Pokémon in the Deevolution Chamber (also removes Hall of Fame tag)
  • Adopt Pokémon from the Pokemon Adoption section
  • Remove Hacked Tag (50 coins per)
  • Convert to shiny or shadow (800 coins per)

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