# 036 Clefable
036 large
036 normal side 036 normal 036 normal back
Fairy-Type icon
lvl 110 move: Fairy Blast
Base Stats
HP 95
Attack 70
Defense 73
Sp. Atk 85
Sp. Def 90
Speed 60
Cute Charm
Magic Guard
035 normal 037 normal
Clefairy Vulpix

Clefable banner


Clefable moves by skipping lightly as if it were flying using its wings. Its bouncy step lets it even walk on water. It is known to take strolls on lakes on quiet, moonlit nights. Its very sensitive ears let it distinguish distant sounds. As a result, it prefers quiet places.


Evolve Clefairy


Cleffa Clefairy Clefable
173 normal Friendshipdoll icon
035 normal Moonstone icon
036 normal


  • Cute Charm: May cause infatuation if target uses physical moves.
  • Magic Guard: Pokemon only takes damage from attacks.
  • Unaware: Ignores any self stat changes.

Move Set

Level up (edit)
Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target
1 Disarming Voice Fairy-Type Status move 40 1.8 Always Around
Always hit target, except Protect, Feint
1 Pound Normal-Type Physical move 40 100% Single
1 Growl Normal-Type Status move - 2.4 100% 100/15% Around
Lower target's Attack by 1.
May turn enemy around.
1 Sing Normal-Type Status move - 55% Around
1 Double Slap Normal-Type Physical move 15 1.2 85% Single
2-5 attacks in a row
1 Minimize Normal-Type Status move - 3.6 Can't Miss 100% Self
Raises user's Evasiveness by 2.
Suffers double damage from Astonish, Stomp, Extrasensory.
1 Metronome Normal-Type Status move N/A 2.4 Can't Miss Single
Randomly uses any one of all moves (even not in user's movelist).
7 Encore Normal-Type Status move - 60 30 100% Single
Target cannot switch moves.
16 Defense Curl Normal-Type Status move - 2.4 - Can't Miss - Self
Raises user's Defense by 1.
Doubles power of Rollout and Ice Ball.
19 Follow Me Normal-Type Status move - 1.2 100% Single
All targets would attack the user (as long as the move is in use)
26 Wake-Up Slap Fighting-Type Physical move 60 1.2 100% Single
Power doubles if target is slept, then the target wakes.
29 Bestow Normal-Type Status move - 60 - Can't Miss 100% Single
Passes user's held items to target if it has none.
32 Cosmic Power Psychic-Type Status move - 3.6 Always Self
Raises user's Defense and Sp. Defense by 1.
36 Lucky Chant Normal-Type Status move - 30 Can't Miss 100% Around
Lowers target's critical hit ratio level by 1.
42 Gravity Psychic-Type Status move - 3.6 Always All
Lowers target's Evasion by 2.linebreakerFlying-type, Magnet Rise, Levitate target can be hit by Ground-type moves (x1 mutliplier).
45 Moonlight Fairy-Type Status move - 60 Can't Miss Self
Heals user of HP based on weather.
(Normal: 1/2; Sunny: 2/3; Rain/Sandstorm/Hail/Gravity/Trick Room: 1/4)
48 Stored Power Psychic-Type Special move 20 1.2 100% Single
More buffs the user has, greater the power is. (20-860)
51 Moonblast Fairy-Type Special move 95 1.8 100% ? Projectile
May reduce target's Sp. Attack by 1.
52 Light Screen Psychic-Type Status move - 60 5.4 % Ally
Reduces Special Attack damages by half.
55 Healing Wish Psychic-Type Status move - 6 Always Ally
Heals and cures for full HP and all status.linebreakerUser faints after attack.
59 After You Normal-Type Status move - 60 - Can't Miss 100% Ally
Lowers ally's attack cooldown by 0.6 sec.
62 Meteor Mash Steel-Type Physical move 100 1.2 - 85% 20% Single
May raise user's Attack by 1.
110 Giga Blast Normal-Type Special move 150 3.6 90% Projectile
3 projectiles released.
110 Fairy Blast Fairy-Type Special move 150 3.6 90% Projectile
3 projectiles released.

TM / HM moves (edit)
Fire Blast
Ice Beam
Hyper Beam
Double Team
Shadow Ball
Iron Tail
Hidden Power
Giga Impact
Light Screen
Focus Blast
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Rock Smash
Focus Punch
Dazzling Gleam
Calm Mind
Sunny Day
Rain Dance

Damage Taken

Main article: List of Pokemon Weaknesses
Normal-Type2 Fire-Type2 Water-Type2 Electric-Type2 Grass-Type2 Psychic-Type2 Fighting-Type2 Poison-Type2 Ground-Type2 Flying-Type2 Dragon-Type2 Bug-Type2 Rock-Type2 Ghost-Type2 Ice-Type2 Steel-Type2 Dark-Type2 Fairy-Type2 Shadow-Type2
Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx0.5 Dx2 Dx1 Dx1 Dx0 Dx0.5 Dx1 Dx1 Dx1 Dx2 Dx0.5 Dx1 Dx1

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