A drapion having full buff in all stats.

Buffs, or in opposite Debuffs, are in-battle attribute adjustments that can improve or weaken a pokemon's performance.

Buffs or debuffs can come into eight aspects:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Special Attack
  • Special Defense
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Evasion
  • Critical chance


Aspect Icon Max. Buffs Debuffs
Attack "red circle with sword" 6
Defense "blue shield" 6
Special Attack "pink circle with sword" 6
Special Defense "cyan shield" 6
Speed "green foot" 6
Accuracy "blue lock-on" 6
Evasion "purple lock-on" 6
Critical chance "orange splash" 4


Buffs or debuffs can be caused by:

  • Moves (eg. String Shot, Work Up)
  • Abilities (eg. Intimidate, Chlorophyll)
  • In-battle items (eg. X-Attack)


Attack, Defense

Main article: Damage

Affect calculated damage.


Affect move cooldown.

# Speed %
Buff(s) Debuff(s)
0 100% 150%
1 90% 160%
2 80% 170%
3 70% 180%
4 60% 190%
5 55% 200%
6 50% 230%

Evasiveness, Accuracy

Affect probability of landing hits.

Critical ratio

Affect chance of dealing double damage.

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