Breeding a Pokemon

Breeding is a mechanics that creates a new Pokémon out of two existing Pokémons. 

Laying an egg involves selecting a female Pokémon from your party then a compatible male Pokémon. An egg is resulted when done. 

To make the egg hatch, you need to visit the Breeding Center in the Pokemon Center once for each of the next two days. For example, an Igglybuff egg takes a total of three days. Once the egg has hatched, you can send both parents and the new baby back to your party. The parent Pokémon are kept in the breeding center until the egg hatches.

The new Pokémonis of the same species of the female Pokémon. One exception is when Ditto is chosen as the first Pokémon, then the male Pokémon would determine the species. In the near future, Sam will add breeding (egg) moves - moves that a Pokémon would not normally know, but it inherits from a different-species parent.

Note: Pokémons from hacked versions would give hacked eggs.

Breeding Shiny/Shadow Pokemon

There is a chance of the new Pokémon being shiny/shadow. Here are the criteria:

  • Parents being in the same family will increase the shiny and shadow chance of the egg by 10%.
  • One parent being shiny/shadow will increase the shiny and shadow chance respectively by 2% per parent that is shiny/shadow.
  • Holding a Gold Incense/Dark Incense will also increase the chance of the egg being shiny/shadow respectively by 4% per item. (The incense is consumed after use)

The highest percentage achievable is when both Pokémons are from the same family, both being shiny, and both holding Gold Incense.  This would give you a 13% chance for the egg to be shiny and a 1% chance for the egg to be shadow. The same holds for shadow Pokémon.

Special Pokémon Only for Breeding

Baby Pokemon

Baby Pokémon are Pokémon that are usually bred, most with the parent holding an item. Most of that pokemons are evolved by friendship

Special Genderless Pokemon

These are only possible with Ditto

Note: legendary pokemons (i.e. Articuno) are not breedable.