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This page discusses the basic operation and panel that you may come across during Story Mode gameplay.


Toolbar controls

Header PokePad Time: Go To # Save Change To  Money:  Exit
Options PokeStorage Past Normal Shoes
Pokedex Johto Present Running Shoes *
Pokedex Kanto Bicycle *

# Available only after passing Route 32 (Central)
* Running shoe is unlocked at Cherrygrove City with old man. Bicycle is unlocked at Goldenrod City bike shop. Press <Shift> to change.

Pokedex Johto

Pokedex Johto is a pokedex that can identify certain pokemon.In johto pokedex there is 251(100 new) pokemon.It can received from prof.elm after beating Silver.

Pokedex Kanto

This pokedex is like Pokedex Johto.It can identify 151 pokemon.It is also received by prof.elm

Pokedex Hoenn-Kalos

It is received after sam created this as of 1.70 version.It can identify all the pokemon from hoenn to Kalos


Main article: Time cycle

Time is a mechanism that determines several factors: wild pokemons, evolution of certain pokemons.


Press to save your progress to server.


Earned by defeating trainers. Money can be used to purchase items, TMs, or Game Corner coins.One trainer has 200 money after defeating them first time.After defeating them again they will give less money.After one round of tournament is defeated player will receive 10000 money.


One can return to place after login.


Pokestorage interface

Arranging teams

All pokemons can be arranged into a team of six (grey spaces on the top). Drag the pokemon grids into the six grey spaces. The first pokemon would appear following you around in the map.

Click a pokemon will pop up Pokemon Interface, showing its information.


Pokemons can be sorted according to one of the criteria below:

  • Level     (Ascending/ Descending)
    According to pokemon's level
  • Number     (Ascending/ Descending)
    According to pokemon's National Pokedex number
  • Name     (A-Z/ Z-A)
    According to pokemon's English name
  • Type     (all types except Fairy)
    According to pokemon's Primary type.
  • Rarity     (Normal/ Shiny/ Shadow)
    According to pokemon's nature.
  • Stats     (HP/ Attack/ Defense/ Sp. Attack/ Sp. Defense/ Speed)
    According to pokemon's displayed stats.
  • Used     (Most Used/ Least Used)

Pokemon Interface

Pokestorage pkminterface
  • Pokemon Level
  • Pokemon species name
  • Pokemon nickname: Can be changed in SnD Pokemon Center
  • Pokemon stats
  • Ability list: Can be selected at will
  • Active move list
  • Move information
  • Learnable TMs/HMs
  • Wieldable item list
  • Relearnable move list
  • Other pokemons


Press arrow keys to move around.

In front of jumpable ledges, water sides, items (as pokemon balls), press <Spacebar> or <Z>

For speakable NPCs, walk close to them and press <Spacebar> or <Z>. Press <Spacebar> or <Z> for next part of dialogues.

Press Shift key to use Running Shoes/ Bicycle to move.


Wild Pokemons

Wild Pokemons randomly spawns in the map. Getting close to them would trigger battles.


Trainers, for the first time, will trigger battles if you walk in range.